Dunlop Entertainment is a creative and strategic production company targeting the burgeoning market of branded entertainment.

The firms “branded entertainment” vision is based on successful intersecting experiences in television, film and advertising. Scott Dunlop’s creation of "The Real Housewives" hit TV franchise on NBC/Bravo has become a pop culture phenomenon. Aired globally, "The Real Housewives" franchise, with shows in Orange County, New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, Washington DC and Beverly Hills has helped advance Bravo as one of the most successful and profitable cable networks. NBC announced that the franchise has been sold into syndication beginning fall of 2010.

Scott's Executive Producer and Series Creator skills extend to having developed a new series for the Oxygen Network, "Addicted to Beauty. The firm is active developing multiple new alternative television and film projects. Scott Dunlop’s unique background of entrepreneurism, production, direction, writing and acting provide the DNA for an authentic and engaging branded entertainment platform. Our entertainment team works closely with a core group of creative talent in show creation and branding strategy.

Our entertainment group is targeting the burgeoning market of branded entertainment. With the advent of Tivo and DVR, it is estimated advertisers flushed over $8.0B worth of TV advertising in 2008. Dunlop Entertainment’s formula to improve clients advertising effectiveness incorporates seamlessly integrating product and service messages creatively into TV series plotlines and story structures. We believe brand messages should be relatable and organic to story. The interruptive: 30 &:60 second spot has been minified with advancing technology, web based convergence and more efficient execution of the creative.

Call us.Break a leg.

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